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75 gallon aquarium


Not all offices and rooms have an aquarium; the ones which have, leave an impact on walk-in customers, colleagues, and friends. Aquatic life as we know does not only contribute to amplifying the beauty of our setup. It also helps in providing coolness and serenity to the respective state of mind. So, if you are planning to invest in a 75 gallon aquarium, you need our best 6 aquarium reviews.

A 75 gallon aquarium not only provides plenty of space for your fish to swim comfortably, but it also becomes the perfect addition to the ambiance of your subtle interior design. Most people may keep a fish tank as a hobby, but a hardcore aquarist will seek something which is perfect in all sense.

Today, we are going to spotlight some of the best 75 gallon tanks in the market and discuss a few important considerations to take before making a purchase. This guide is intended to make the buying process a whole lot easier for you. So without any further Ado, check out this amazing guide on the top 75 gallon aquariums trending in the market.

Why Buy a 75 gallon Fish Tank?

Purchasing a fish tank is not a simple task. It requires an individual’s motivational and financial commitment. By purchasing a 75 gallon fish tank we also commit on taking care of the tank and its inhabitants. A big tank allows extra space for more fish but requires more maintenance. One of the many reasons for getting a large tank is that it provides a lot of space for your fish to comfortably swim around. A large tank also gives more viewing space for the audience.

Most people opt-in to install a proper filtration system, so the water stays clean. Alongside that, a CO2 installation will ensure that the oxygen levels remain well maintained. If you set up a good heating system and keep the oxygen levels in check, it allows you to mix and match a good variety of marine life in a 75 gallon Fish Tank.

Give your audience a chance to admire your collection, after all; you are planning to display the best breeds from around the world.

Top 75 Gallon Aquarium Tanks to Purchase in Year 2018

Read about the 6 best selling 75 gallon fish tanks in the market.

75 Gallon Rectangle Acrylic Aquarium “Clear for Life”

 Aquarium Dimension: 48″ Length x 18″ Wide x 20″ High 

If you think there is not much to look at in “Clear for Life” 75 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium, then you are probably mistaken. I agree! All fish tanks have a well structured, transparent acrylic walled look. However, in case of this 75 gallon fish tank, the secret lies in strength, rigidity, and robustness. It is something that only the “Clear for Life” 75 gallon Rectangle Aquarium offers you.

This fish tank will breathe life into your aquatic animals. The transparency of each aquarium by “Clear for Life” surpasses all clarity levels and make sure that the colors of your marine inhabitants spark out to the fullest. It’s what makes the manufacturers one of the recognized brands on the market. Also, the great thing about most acrylic aquariums is they are never too heavy to lift. Hence, you can place it wherever you want.

Unique Selling Points
  • The body of this 75 gallon aquarium is made up of acrylic material
  • It is available in two background colors
  • It completely shatters proof unlike glass aquariums
  • The insulation is better as compared to glass
  • This is an ideal aquarium for saltwater and freshwater fish
  • The product is durable.
  • It is rigid and strong.
  • It comes with an attached filter.
  • Quick cleaning and easy maintenance.
  • Has a low glare.
  • It is made up of acrylic, so it does not easily break.
  • It is a temperature controlled device.
  • It is a bit expensive
  • The package does not contain any additional pieces of equipment
  • Can easily get scratched

Nautilus III 75 Gallon Tank (Includes Stand) “Penn Plax”

 Aquarium Dimension: 47.2 Length x 18 Wide x 55 High 

If you are planning to spend a good amount on a fish aquarium, then Nautilus III “Penn Plax” throws in a couple of good accessories to make things much more interesting for you. With the all new Nautilus III 75 gallon Aquarium, you get a sturdy fish tank stand and a vibrant lighting system, all in favor of enhancing the aquatic experience of marine life within your room settings. The aquarium stand comes in 3 color schemes and will perfectly blend in with your room or office atmosphere.

The thick floating glass of the aquarium is a high standard quality glass with a spotless clear view. The stand is made up of water-resistant medium density fiberboard. The aquarium gets additional firmness through a protective foam pad attached beneath the fish tank. Therefore, you can put aside your concerns regarding accidental slip off.

Unique Selling Points
  • The floating glass is 8-10 mm thick ensuring maximum safety of aquatic habitats
  • The stand includes large cabinets designed to store accessories and filtration system
  • The material of the stand is made up of low-density water-resistant fiber
  • The 75 gallon aquarium offers a limited warranty of up to 2 years minimum
  • The package includes a high standard lightning system of T5/39 watt
  • The whole canopy is border lined with silver stripes giving it an extravagant feel
  • Comes with different colored aquarium stands
  • Strong, durable glass aquarium
  • Aquarium is easy to assemble
  • Comes with lightning system
  • The stand contains cabinet to keep accessories
  • The whole stand is water resistant
  • Need to purchase accessory kit to complete
  • A bit heavy to lift alone
  • The aquarium is expensive

Professional 75 Gallon Glass Aquarium Tank “Deep Blue”

 Aquarium Dimension: 48″ Length x 18″ Width x 20″ High 

Deep Blue Professionals are an expert manufacturers of all kinds of aquariums. The 75 gallon reef ready glass aquarium is a rectangular fish tank which is built to last. It is an impressive aquarium which includes a corner overflow pre-filter for perfect filtration. It is a patented Floodgate technology, and it comes with complete plumbing set to overcome all aquarium’s plumbing issues.

The glass made design also contains pre-drilled drain holes and return holes for easy water fill-ups and draining. Not all fish tanks are ergonomically satisfying as much as the Deep Blue Professional 75 Gallon Reef Ready Aquarium. The glass on this fish tank is thick and distortion free. It gives the perfect viewing scape to your audience and has enough space to fit in an amazingly large number of aquatic creatures successfully.

Unique Selling Points
  • This 75 Gallon Aquarium comes with pre-drilled drain system
  • It has a strong frame, industrially certified
  • The glass is thick with good refractive index
  • All the edges of this aquarium are polished
  • It comes with a pre-installed filtration system
  • The design includes floodgate technology
  • Outclass look and feel
  • Strong, sturdy and rigid
  • Bottom panels have holes to provide maximum stability
  • The glass is thick which keeps marine life safe
  • Smooth glass without any distortions
  • No stand is included (only aquarium)
  • Available in only one color: Black
  • No accessories included.

75 Gallon Fish Tank (Ensemble) “Marineland”

 Aquarium Dimension: 18″ length x 48″ wide x 21″ high 

If you are searching for something sophisticated in style, this rectangular fish tank is one of the best 75 gallon aquariums out there on the market. It offers a great deal of functionality to keepers. Most fish hobbyist considers it a gold mine keep for fish keeping. It is quite spacious and gives plenty of room for fish to swim comfortably around. The aquarium is designed in such a way that it removes evaporation and keeps the fish at bay.

The fish tank further contains LED lights which provide an optimum amount of heat for the fish to survive inside the tank. Heat is not only good for the aquatic animals, but also for the plants you place inside. Apart from maintaining temperature, the lightning effect gives a vibrant feel to the inhabitants living inside the rectangular shaped vessel. Also, the glass on this 75 gallon fish tank is distortion free.

One of the best things about purchasing this fish tank is it includes majesty wood cabinet stand. The wood cabinet on this stand will comfortably fit all your fish accessories.

Unique Selling Points
  • This 75 gallon tank comes with a silicon sealed top frame
  • Includes hang-on filters, internal filters, canister filters
  • It comes with a majesty wood made cabinet stand
  • It comes with a resistant finish
  • This aquarium is ideal for both, aquatic life and reptiles alike
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty (no warranty for cracks and shatters)
  • LED lights are a blast on this aquarium
  • The glass panels are relatively thick
  • The cabinet in stand is pretty spacious
  • Glass panels are spotless clean without any tint
  • This product is strong and durable
  • These aquarium tanks can be expensive
  • The downside is that they aren’t the best ultra clear glass on the market

75 Gallon Aquarium with Hood “Top Fin”

 Aquarium Dimension: 48.5″ Length x 18.5″ Wide x 21.125″ High 

Seeking an aquarium that’s not only durable but also capable of surviving under heavy load stress, look no further than the “Top Fin” 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium. It is designed with a narrow profile giving more space for your fish to dash in speed from one end to another. Made up of glass material, this aquarium is the best fit for fish, reptile and pets alike. It comes with two glass tops which are attached to a slider. You can customize the aquarium your way and even install a filtration system as per your choice.

One of the best things about this aquarium is the quality of its glass. The glass is thick, and center braced which ensures that it does not fracture under load stress. With this fish tank, you also get an incredible lighting lamp to add a fluorescent effect to your aquarium hood. Putting your trust in the Top Fin brand is not a bad investment as it is certified by the leading pet brand in the world, PetSmart. So, make this aquarium your pride and joy and decorate it with your favorite ornaments. It’s worth your investment.

Unique Selling Points
  • The hood contains two glass tops with plastic sliders
  • The centre braced frame removes glass bowing hassles
  • It can hold a heavy amount of load stress
  • The aquarium contains 2, 24” hood lamps
  • This tank is ideal for all aquatic creatures alike.
  • The tank is durable
  • It can easily be installed
  • It is a sturdy and robust design
  • Reasonable in price
  • Comes in Limited Warranty
  • The glass has a green tint
  • The package only includes hood lights

75 Gallon Hexagon Acrylic Aquarium “Clear for Life”

 Aquarium Dimension: 29″ Length x 25″ Wide x 30″ High 

This is the second product on our list from “Clear for Life” and is one of the leading aquariums of its kind. If you are a fan of experiencing marine life in a six-sided observatory, then one thing which is highly robust is the 75 gallon hexagon aquarium by “Clear for Life.” Giving you a full 360-degree spectrum the aquarium, it allows you to check the artificial reef from all angles.

This is a acrylic made design which comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing no leakage whatsoever. The acrylic nature of the tank and the hexagonal structure allows the aquarium to capture more light as compared to the ordinary rectangular aquariums. It creates a fluorescent effect making all marine life within full of vibrancy.

Unique Selling Points
  • This is a hexagonal aquarium (a unique design)
  • It is made up of acrylic material
  • It comes with a no leakage guarantee
  • This aquarium is perfect for all kinds of aquatic animals

  • Very robust and reliable
  • Creates fluorescence effect
  • Gives a 360 view to audience

  • Does not include accessories
  • They don’t offer a stand with it.
  • Package does not include lightning system
  • Package is simply a hexagonal aquarium

75 Gallon Fish Tank Types

When people discuss the type of aquariums available within the 75 gallon aquarium category, I want them to understand that you can classify these tanks in only two categories; Glass Tanks and Acrylic Tanks.

Glass 75 Gallon Aquarium

When it comes to choosing a fish tank, nothing is more economical than purchasing a glass fish tank. These aquariums have a higher index of refraction and are rather heavy to carry when they are unfilled. Compared to Acrylics, these are more fragile and can readily shatter upon fall. Therefore, it is best advised to handle them with maximum care. Also, make sure that you don’t get the surface scratched as removing scratches from surfaces is nearly impossible in case of a glass tank. The scratch may remain as permanent damage on the tank.

Acrylic 75 Gallon Aquarium

Compared to Glass tanks, the acrylic ones are rather expensive per gallon. But here’s the good part of owning one, you can quickly buff out scratches from the surface. Although, they offer a low index of refraction, they are more likely less bulkier which is an upside. To give maximum support to the tank, it requires a particular kind of support feature which fits the entire base of the aquarium. These aquariums are more reliable, durable and less fragile as they may not shatter upon fall, unlike the glass tanks.

 Fun Fact – Higher refractive index of a tank ensures that your fish look twice its original size.

Buying A Fish Tank? A Word of Advice Before You Close Down A Deal!

Finally, you have made up your mind and cherry-picked the right aquarium size for yourself from the above list. However, there are a few things you might not have considered. Before you go ahead with making a purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my budget range to purchase a good enough 75 gallon fish tank?
  • What kind of filtration system should I be investing in before making a purchase?
  • Which type of fish groups am I planning to put into my 75 gallon fish tank?
  • Is my aquarium the appropriate size and where can I place it in my room settings?
  • Do I require lighting system within my aquarium or can I go along without it?
  • What kind of ornaments and plantation would work best for my 75 gallon fish tank?
Below are a few considerations for you:

Perform Thorough Fish Tank Budgeting

While some tanks are costly, others may turn out to be quite economical. However, before you invest, think about the purpose of your fish aquarium. Are you purchasing it to keep fish as a hobby? Or do you want to add a vibrant look and feel to your room settings? If it’s a part of your room aesthetics, then I believe you should invest in more. But, if you want to keep fish as a hobby, then spending in an economic one is a better option. Irrespective of your need, it is highly advisable that you perform a thorough fish tank budgeting.

Choose the Right Filtration System

This is important, irrespective of the purpose of your purchase. Whether, big or small, expensive or economical, freshwater or saltwater, the filtration system is essential for your aquarium. Although freshwater filter systems differ from saltwater filter systems, it is necessary to keep the water in tank clean from all foreign particles. Imagine living in a polluted environment for the rest of your living days? If you can’t survive, how do you expect your fish to survive. Choose the right filtration system for your fish tank!

Type of Fish You Want to Keep

A 75 gallon fish aquarium is quite spacious. It gives you the liberty to put as many fish as you want. In fact, you can create your marine reef inside; it’s that spacey inside a 75 gallon tank. However, do your research before purchasing different breeds. Some live in freshwater, while others live in saltwater; choose a specific group doesn’t end up mixing both or some may survive while others will die.

 Never put Piranhas with usual fish. They are fish eaters.

Lightning Systems, Ornaments and Plantation

Lights play an important role in your fish tank. If you haven’t considered yet, now is the time. Don’t keep your fish in the dark. They might feel scared. Although there are some fish which prefer the dark, I guess they like living in high-pressure environments deep under the ocean. The kind of fish you are going to put in your tank is the surface ones who are savvier with fluorescent environments. Give your fish the light it needs. Add a few ornaments and some plantation and viola! You have created a perfect reef for them to swim around.

Is It the Right Fit For Your Room?

Last but not the least, the size and placement of your 75 gallon aquarium are the most important of all considerations. Have you made up your mind to pick the right fit for your room? Find out where you are planning to place it and according to your placement strategy, identify which size will fit best in your room. I have mentioned all dimensions as a compulsory element in each selected product. It will help you get a better insight on what’s going to work best for your need.

Concluding Thoughts

We can’t reasonably make a call for you as per which of the following product will fit best to your need, but we can certainly help increase your knowledge on various fish tanks on the market. It is highly advisable here that you keep your budget in mind, the size of the tank and the area where you are planning to place it before making any purchase.

While some tanks are great for occasional fish hobbyists, others are more lucrative options for replenishing room or office environments. Therefore, it all narrows down to the purpose of your fish keeping. I like something which adds a flavor of colors to my aquatic experiences and hence, I prefer the “Penn Plax” Nautilus III Aquarium with Silver Trim. It is the perfect aquarium for home use and professional and goes best with my living room environment. Hope you enjoyed the article, we will soon be covering another for you guys so stay tuned.

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