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Cat litter box reviews 2017

10 Best Cat Litter Box Reviews 2017

Being a cat owner, one of my prime concerns was to find the best cat litter box for my feline buddy. But the problem with me, I was way too confused. Whether I should buy an automatic one or should I just go for a simple one. This question really drove me nuts.

The idea of buying automatic cat litter box sounded like heaven as it would have saved me from the hassle and wastage of time – particularly when I had to come home late from travel or work. On the other hand, I wasn’t too sure about which one the best automatic litter box for my pet will.

If you are in the same situation as I was once, then you are in luck because I am sharing reviews of the best cat litter box which I have tried so far. Investing in a flushable cat litter can help you in your daily cleaning chores particularly when it comes to your cat. The automatic cat litter boxes are a great help and also eases the workload. In this article, I will be reviewing the top cat litter boxes which I have tried and also point out their pros and cons.

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  Here is the list of ten best cat litter boxes of 2017. In this review, we have added the features and pros and cons of different cat litter boxes. 

1. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Best litter box for multiple cats

This litter pan is a basic one-step-up improvement cat litter box and one of the best litter box for multiple cats. The base is big enough for a kitten or an adult cat to fit in. The deep pan measures 22.4 inches in length and 15.3 inches in width. The carbon filter at the top part filters the odor and can be increased with Catit Magic Blue Air Purifier refills to increase the stench protection. One of the drawbacks I feel is that the filter is exposed to the cats they might make a mess and eventually destroy it. The lid joints on this particular cat box are a little weak, but with the price point, it’s expected. I owned this model for my cat and never had any issue with it, but I never tried lifting it while it was full.

  • The pan is big and can be used by multi-cat households.
  • High-sided pan
  • The cat litter box comes with a filtered hood vent.
  • It has a built in bag anchor.
  • Some cats will spoil the exposed filter area of the box.
  • Lid handle is relatively weak.
  • Due to the weak bars, the handle at the top of the litter box is basically useless.
  • The plastic of the box is a little brittle.

2. Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter

To be honest, you probably would select this one for the different designer colors it has to offer. If you need to have a litter box at home, then it definitely has to be something that looks appealing. This plastic litter pan measures 24.8 inches in length and 20 inches wide, while the height is 16.5 inches.  This size makes it large enough and makes it one of the best litter box for multiple cats. The plastic is non-stick and antimicrobial, so washing it on a regular basis will be an easy task. It doesn’t come with a door and has a transparent top latch, so it means that this litter box is good enough for those cats that don’t like dark enclosures. One of the drawbacks I feel is since the litter box doesn’t have any doors cats that love to dig aggressively may find success in throwing the litter outside the container. With that being said, if your cat is not an aggressive digger, then your litter will stay inside the unit. This litter box is available in different colors like teal, purple, red, lime green, yellow and orange.

  • Cats who are afraid of enclosures find this litter box comfortable because of the clear top
  • It is available in different colors.
  • It is non-stick and antimicrobial.
  • High pan is good for keeping the litter inside.
  • Clear top means you can see the mess inside.
  • There is no filtered ventilation.
  • The litter box is a bit expensive for what it offers.

3. Cat Love Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat Pan

Normally, many cat owners like the idea of the cat litter box to be tucked in a secluded corner of the house. This particular cat litter box requires a corner where it can be kept because of its design. The large box contains a door, which can be removed if the cat is not comfortable with it. The low step is a good option for old cats, but it does increases the chances of spilling. Still you can go for this clever corner design cat litter box as it will save space. This litter box comes in grey and green color, it measures 22 inches by 17.6 inches by 17.11 inches.

  • The corner design of the litter box saves space.
  • Carbon filtered ventilation keeps it properly ventilated.
  • Built-in anchor bag
  • Large space.
  • Normal box liners won’t work in this one.
  • Door may get stuck at times ( but can be removed)
  • Comparatively low pan sides.
  • The lid latches are fairly weak.

4. Petmate Booda Clean Step Litter Dome


One of my favorites is the Booda litter dome, it’s not exactly my favorite, but my cat got used to it fairly well. To enter this litter box, the cats need to climb a stairway, which makes sure that the litter is not sprayed when digging. While the shape of the litter box adds some challenge when using traditional scoops or liners, the lack of a flapping door doesn’t just departure directly onto the floor makes up for that. The overall body of the litter box measures to be 20 inches by 24 inches by 18 inches and comes in a brushed nickel color, as well as titanium and pearl color, though the price seems to be different depending on which color you choose.

  • Carbon filtered ventilation
  • Virtually its dog proof
  • Ramp greatly decreases tracking
  • When throwing the litter, it becomes difficult.
  • There are mixed reviews about the size of the actual pan.
  • Unique shape makes scooping pretty tough with normal scoops.

5. Kitty A Go Go Designer Cat Litter Box – Litter box for Multiple Cats


Another addition to this list is the covered litter box category; it is more of a modern option. The litter box has a high-quality stain restraint plastic that looks even far better in real as compared to the pictures. The litter box has a slide out tray which makes the cleaning of the litter quite easy and quick.  Inside, there are plastic guards which direct litter in the back of the pan from cats who love to dig. It is a cat attracting litter box; your feline buddy will feel comfortable in using it. The description of the product states that the capacity is big, but we feel that it is small particularly for multi-cat households. The pan measures to be 13 inches wide and 17.5 inches in length by 4 inches tall, which we feel is small. The overall dimensions of the cat litter box are 21.46 by 15.87 inches high, with that being said, this stylish cat litter box is an ideal choice if you have a single cat. This precious cat litter box comes in different designs one is Polka dot, glossy black, flower, burl wood, and leopard print design.

  • It comes with a pullout tray.
  • It comes in different attractive designs.
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic liners are reusable.
  • It is a little expensive than usual.
  • It is not big enough for multi-cat households.
  • Cats pee in a different way, so at times it gets under the liner.
  • Drawer liner are a bit expensive and are often unavailable at the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.


Saves Time:

The current time we are living in is so fast, we hardly get to complete our own things, then who has time to spend in cleaning cat litter? Getting an automatic cat litter box will save your time for other more important tasks. You won’t need to scoop out cat litter every single day. Instead you will be doing it only once in a while.


This is the most important factor for you and your cat, using a cat litter box you really don’t have to clean every day is something you need the most. If you use non-clumping litters, you know that they get dirty pretty soon and also difficult to scoop out every day. The urine soaked clay leaves out a very unpleasant smell which is uncomfortable for you and your cat. Having an automatic cat litter box means that your cat’s litter box will always be clean, so you get freed from the consistent cleaning work. You will also get rid of all that bad odor. So it’s a win-win situation to get one.

Pamper Your Cat

Our feline friends really don’t ask much from us. They just love to get their food on time, get pampered and cared, and they want a clean bathroom. To be honest investing in an automatic cat litter box means that your cat will have a clean-smelling environment for their bathroom needs. Don’t forget cats have a much sensitive sense of smell as compared to us.

Here is the best automatic cat litter box in the market:

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Cat Litter Box?

best automatic cat litter box

Cats, like any other healthy animal has a need to remove waste material from their bodies. A good cat owner won’t hesitate in investing in a good automatic cat litter box, as it offers a clean and private location for the cat to perform its natural business. Even cat owners who have pets with outdoor ranges will also find it beneficial to own a cat litter box for their feline buddy so they can keep the indoor environment of the house clean and maintained.

Most of the cat litter boxes nowadays are efficient for cat owners, because most of them have rapid ways to dispose of the waste themselves and maintain a hygienic condition.

6. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

hidden cat litter box

This Hidden cat Litter Box is one of the best litter boxes I have come across, the design is so innovated, and every feline owner would love to have it in their home. It is a smart design, which camouflages in your home as a houseplant. The plant like litter box comes with a hole that allows the cats to enter and exit it to do their private business. When you need to clean it, the parts are easily separated, and you can clean it without any difficulty.  The top part of the litter box is vented and filtered to control dust and odor. The plastic is given a finished look with textured terra cotta color to mimic crafted pots. To complete the look of the litter box a faux Phoenix Palm plant and ground moss is included, which can be easily detached. The large size is the best litter box for multiple cats.

  • The ingenious design of faux plant with a hidden litter box.
  • Heavy duty plastic which has textured terra cotta finish.
  • Large capacity for holding multi-cats.
  • Comes with a faux Phoenix Palm plant and florist moss cover.
  • It’s a bit expensive
  • You need to buy more than one if you have two fat cats.

7. Clevercat Innovations Top Entry Litter Box – Clever Cat Litter Box

Top Entry Litter Box

This award-winning litter box is designed to prevent annoying spills, eliminate tracking and reduce odor. It is an excellent product for cats and kittens that love to do their “business” in privacy, due to its Rubbermaid-style with a lid. The opening of this litter box is wide enough for almost any cat. In addition, it has a plenty of room that allows the feline to dig inside comfortably. Although, this product is only available in white color, still it looks quite inconspicuous.

  For almost half the cost, there is a similar Pet-mate Top Entry Litter box in which holes are present on the anti-tracking lid. These holes basically allow the litter to fall into the pan in order to prevent any kind of mess. On an honest note, this litter box is not suitable for adult, disabled or big cats.
  • Keeps any mess off the floor because of the tracking mat present on the lid
  • Spacious
  • Sturdy construction
  • Opening is wide enough for any cat
  • Prevents spills and reduces odor
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for adult or disable cats, that can’t jump easily

8. Favorite 25 Inch Large Top Entry Enclosed Hooded Cat Litter Box

top entry litter box

This product is basically a form of the traditional litter box with a cover. Unlike most of the similar products – including the Clevercat model, it is easy to store and travel-friendly because of its ergonomic design and removable components. The overall measurements of this product go as; 19.5 inches wide, 25 inches long and 16.5 inches high. Whereas, the pan is 12.5 inches broad and 18 inches long.

Moreover, the top of this litter box help in reducing tracking somehow, but it’s not excellent for this purpose as compare with the other options. It is available in beige color with a transparent lid and black box with opaque top.

  • A form of the traditional litter box with a cover and top entry
  • Removable top makes it travel-friendly and easy to store
  • Top surface is anti-tracking
  • Nine-inch opening which is wide enough for any cat
  • Litter tracking is not up to the mark
  • Weak Lid latches
  • Some felines won’t like its design
  • Pan is small, making it difficult for cats to jump in and out effortlessly

9. Modkat Litter Box Kit

cat Litter Box Kit

If you are looking for a fancy cat litter box with a designer touch, then your search is complete! This product has a modern, pricey and attractive appeal along with a bunch of phenomenal features. It has an anti-tracking lid that allows the litter to fall in the bottom (box). This cube is an ideal product with the high-polish exterior, measuring 16 × 16 × 15 inches. In addition to this, the tarp liner is held in place with the help of a fitted tension band because its length is a bit shorter. These liners are long-lasting and reusable. In case their useful life ends, they can be replaced.

 This litter box is quite expensive, but its attractive design, remarkable features and fine finish are worth your investment.
  • Modern design and attractive look
  • Scoop is included in all-in-one kit
  • Reusable and long-lasting tarp liner
  • Lid is anti-tracking
  • Expensive
  • Not spacious enough for large cats
  • Some users’ complaint that their cats stopped burying their litter after using it
  • Not liked by all cats

10. Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box

top entry litter box

For about one-third the price of ModKat model, this product is another form of fancy and modern litter boxes. This oval-shaped closet doesn’t seem like a litter box upon first sight. Its overall dimensions are, 16.14 inches wide 20.47 inches long and 14.56 inches tall, making it spacious enough for almost all feline breeds. It is available in 2 attractive colors, that are; white and orange creamsicle.

  • Refined and attractive design
  • Anti-tracking and removable lid
  • Dog deterrent
  • Spacious for most of the cats
  • Few cats won’t like using it much

Monitoring The Cat Litter Box:

Scooping the cat litter box on a regular basis is not only essential for keeping the environment clean and your cat happy, it is also a very valuable diagnostic tool. Too many cat owners are missing this valuable chance to catch any potential medical problems in the beginning stages because they are not keeping up with a regular scooping agenda or the timetable is far from satisfactory.

Time To Be A Detective When It Comes To Your Cat’s Health

What happens ir the litter stays in the litter box, well no it doesn’t. Keeping an eye on the litter box can give you an idea of a potential health issue. If you regularly scoop the litter, you will have a constant check on your cat’s elimination, changes in the quantity and appearance of the waste. When you take your cat to the veterinary clinic the first question he asks is whether there is a change in the littering habits. So if you don’t scoop the box regularly, you won’t be able to give proper information.

Importance Of Keeping A Clean Litter Box

As many cat owners, know that cats are a very clean animal. Hence it is essential to keep a clean litter box for them. A cat’s sense of smell is far stronger than us humans, so a stinky cat litter box will make your feline buddy to look for another spot to do their business.

Location is Paramount”

You need to put the cat litter box in a quiet area of the house, away from the traffic and noise. Bear in mind this that a kitten or an elderly cat can have a hard time in climbing the stairs, so if you are keeping the litter box in the basement make sure they reach to it. It is also important that if you own more than one cat, then you keep to flushable cat litter so that your cats don’t feel trapped when the other cat is using the box.


So if you have more than one cat, then there must be more than one litter box. Ideally, these litter boxes should be scooped once or twice a day. Also, washing the box once a week with soap, water and bleach are also recommended. Plastic litter boxes need to be replaced once a year because if there are any scratches on the box, they trap bacteria and odors.


Make sure that the litter box you get for your cat is big enough to move around comfortably. There are many different style litter box for you to select. There are ones that are just plain uncovered rectangular boxes; then there are self-cleaning ones (automatic cat litter box) and the covered ones. Using flushable cat litter are great as they can rid you from the hassle of cleaning it again and again.

When filling the cat litter box, start with adding 2-3 inches of litter and then gradually adjust according to your cat’s needs. Some cats are deep scratchers and will dig to the bottom if you don’t add enough litter. If you use more than needed, then you will end up cleaning the litter outside the box. Don’t forget to add in new litter from time to time.

Keeping a well-maintained litter box is not only healthy for your cat, but it is also healthy for you, as it will decrease the risk of transferring any cat to human diseases, so make sure that after you clean the litter box, you do wash your hands.

Final Words:

Cat owners need to fully consider their options when it comes to buying the right litter box for their pet. Some households have more than one cat, which means they need ample of space to get done with their natural business. In other houses, cleanliness and hygiene are a prime concern, so whenever you are about to buy a cat litter box make sure it’s worth the investment. Always ask other pet owners which product you should buy. Buying an automatic cat litter box for your feline friend is the best way to show your love to them.