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Best Weightlifting Singlet & Powerlifting Singlets to Buy in 2018

Looking forward to a summer shred? A weightlifting singlet is what you should arrange first. Just imagine someone exercising and lifting in a T-shirt that barely allows movement. A bad choice right? Weightlifting singlets work the right way for you. They provide comfort and support not only during exercises but also that “swag factor” afterward. A 16″ bicep visible from a singlet is a lavish sight.

Besides that be aware while buying weightlifting singlets because regular ones won’t do. You don’t expect a singlet to rough out in 2-3 days for which you have paid a good sum. Focus on quality and style alike. While selecting, be unique in the choice of hashtags on them. The real class is being prominent!

What is a Weightlifting Singlet?

A singlet is a sleeveless  once piece uniform.

Well, most of you would be wondering; why would I need this singlet thing when my tackiest, trading tops and bottoms or other general sports gear can do the job? You are right; they CAN do the job, but if you intend on working along with a couple of people (for instance a gym) or heading out to the mat at a professional meet-up or competition, then this is the accessory you need to own! No more getting distracted by the fear of showing off the skin in the wrong place while you stretch or tackle your opponent, or stopping in the middle of a routine to tuck your top back in your shorts. These weightlifting singlets will keep you comfortable and confident on the floor. Here is a definition we found of singlet on Wikipedia.

With our list of top rated and critically reviewed products, there is going to be no hassle for you to select the best fit for your sport and add the glam to it with just the right kind of comfort and expediency.

You must wear a Weightlifting Costume:

weightlifting singlet

1. ASICS Solid Modified Men’s Weightlifting Singlet:

ASICS Men’s Weightlifting Single

Product Portrayal:

This Men’s Weightlifting Singlet – the ASICS Solid Modified Singlet will surely become your go-to item. It is designed in a simple, plain manner that avoids the flamboyancy of complex design. Available in block colors, wear your style without compromising on your personal performance. With a plain design, you might never fear of going out of style with this.

Product Particulars:

  • Company: ASICS
  • Company SKU: JT200
  • Available Sizes: Men’s and Youth – XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Material: Nylon 87% + Lycra Spandex 13%
  • Not Reversible
  • Leg Grippers: Simple Rubber
  • Style-Cut: Standard
  • Available Colours: Navy, Black, Red, Blue
  • Dry fit, breathable material
  • Tough seems to bear pressure
  • Great sweat absorption.
  • Plain designs available without any patterns.
  • Sizes may appear smaller as compared to other similar products.

Size Chart for ASICS:

Weight95-115 lbs.115-135 lbs.135-160 lbs.160-190 lbs.190-220 lbs.220+ lbs.

2. Adidas Stock Lifting Singlet with 3 Side Stripes


Adidas Stock Singlet

Product Portrayal:

ADIDAS is among the top names in the sporting industry that need no introduction. Providing with all the solutions to your sporting needs, ADIDAS will have your back when it comes to style too. Stand out in style and comfort from your challengers and separate yourself as a significant wrestler/grappler/athlete by choosing the Adidas 3 Striped Stock Singlet. Skillfully manufactured with top class Lycra spandex, this can be a great option regarding affordability as well. This weightlifting singlet is, beyond any doubt, the one that outfits true weightlifting rebels of any size, body shape, age or even skill level.

Product Particulars:

  • Perfect Quad Length
  • Seam: Uniform Latched Stitching for durability and endurance.
  • Design: Smart Fit with an attractive 3 striped design.
  • Material: High Recital Lycra and Nylon
  • Available in Colours: Black, Royal blue, Red, Navy Blue, Orange, Hunter, Mustard Yellow, and Maroon
  • Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL,XXL, XXXL (Both youth and adult sizes)
  • Great Affordability.
  • Multi usage capacity – can be used for swimming and / or running.
  • Leg gripping elastic can get too tight for most users.
  • Has a comparatively looser fit with regard to other singlets under Weightlifting Singlet Women’s category.

3. INZER Powerlifting Singlet:


Powerlifting Singlets

Product Portrayal:

The archetypal singlet by the INZER Advance Designs comes with more than a few unique features like the Lifting characteristic of the Singlet. Other than being the essential costume for any competition, this not only makes it a preference to be dressed in but also is versatile enough to be used as your companion in your workout routine. The fabric is agile as well as soft enough to be directly worn over naked skin.

Product Particulars:

  • Material: Flexible and durable Spandex and Lycra.
  • Available Sizes: S (114 – 145 lbs.), M (145 – 165 lbs.), L (165 – 195 lbs.), XL (195-230 lbs.), XXL (230 – 270 lbs.), XXXL (270 – 305 lbs.), XXXXL (305 – 340 lbs.)
  • Available Colours: Black, Red, Royal Blue.
  • High class material for durability.
  • USA Powerlifting Guidelines Compatible.
  • Not a good fit for a woman’s body.
  • Sizing is inaccurate – too small as compared to other brands.
  • Comes with a huge company logo right at the chest that might feel annoying to wear.

4. Brute Maverick Adult Weightlifting Singlets:


Adult Weightlifting Singlets

Product Portrayal:

Brute is the company synonymous with big names and even greater customizations. Their singlets are prepared with an “Evaptech” or the evaporation technology that can be described as a specially designed fabric that absorbs moisture real time. This fabric keeps the athlete cool even in the most humid conditions by pulling the sweat away from the body.

Product Particulars:

  • Fabric Material: Stretchy, Evaptech fabric for better sweat coverage.
  • Available Colours: Black/ White, Black/ Scarlet, Black/ Orange, Navy/ Athletic Gold, Red/ White, Royal Blue/ White, Scarlet/ White.
Available Sizes:

  • Comfortable fabric material with solid block colours.
  • Great stitching for durability.
  • Rubber-gripping on thigh opening for a better fit.
  • Can last a complete season without getting worn-out or looking bad.
  • For the bulky power lifters, there might be issues with the measurements especially at the chest area that might feel too tight.
  • While ordering a singlet with white panels, be aware that they might be see-through.
  • There is a big difference in sizes if you want to jump up a single size. (from S to M for example)

5. ASICS Solid Modified Womens Olympic Weightlifting Singlet:


Women’s Weightlifting Singlet

Product Portrayal:

This Women’s weightlifting singlet is among the few top of the line weightlifting gear options available for women athletes. Now you do not have to worry about tucking your shirt in your shorts after every lift. This super stretchy singlet is going to be the solution to all your distractions related to your attire. Feel confident when you walk out to the mat and focus on winning as everything else is taken care of.

Product Particulars:

  • Material: Nylon 86%/ Spandex 14%
  • ASICS Atomic Wash® for durability – wash after wash
  • US made
  • ASICS® Flat Seam – Smooth Stitching at the Seam
  • Leg Aperture has Elastic, Rubber Grippers
  • Great body fitting on women.
  • Style #: JT857
  • Available Colours: Black, Navy, Forest Green, Red, Blue
  • Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (suitable for both Youth and Adult athletes)
Weight95-115 lbs.115-135 lbs.135-160 lbs.160-190 lbs.190-220 lbs.220+ lbs.
  • Great Women fitting.
  • USAP Guidelines approved design.
  • Fitting at the leg aperture can get a bit too tight.
  • Not good in too much sweaty conditions.
  • Quite see-through fabric.

Why Choose a Singlet for Weightlifting or Powerlifting?

If you are going to participate in a competition, rules require you to wear a powerlifting singlet. Singlet is like a standard code for the weightlifting. Besides that hardcore training does not necessarily mean that you don’t look while doing it! In these past years, we have seen some great modifications to the sport – especially the one that flaunts commercializing it! Be it young weightlifters or professional grapplers; all need to look good while playing it well. But how do you match practicality with a touch of class? If you require knowing the answer to this very question, then you are in the right place.

6. Adidas aS101s Lycra Solid Powerlifting Singlet:


mens Powerlifting Singlet

Product Portrayal:

For power lifters, weightlifters and their coaches alike, this singlet is hardcore vintage and comes with the confidence and comfort of the top rated brand in the sports industry – ADIDAS. The high-quality fabric made from Lycra is breathable. Also, the cut of the singlet is what sets it apart. It is high cut and has a comfortable length that will just be perfect for your endeavors on the mat or in nay workout routine.

Product Particulars:

  • Material: Performance Lycra plus Nylon.
  • Adidas model: AS101S.
  • Available Colours: Red, Black, Purple, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Hunter Green and Orange.
  • Available Sizes: X Small (90-110 lbs.), Small (111-130 lbs.), and Medium (126-150 lbs.), Large: (151-185 lbs.), X Large (186-220 lbs.), XX Large (221-250 lbs.), XXX Large (251-300 lbs.)
  • A tough fabric that is good with transferring and venting of moisture.
  • Vintage, plain design is bound to never go out of fashion.
  • A good choice for women power lifters looking for a women complementing fit.
  • As most of the singlets, whether for powerlifting or weightlifting, are considered unisex if not mentioned otherwise. Therefore there have been complains about the cut being according to a woman’s body.
  • We received reports about it to be comfortable but a bit too loose on the private areas.

7. Brute Performance Cut Lycra Womens Wrestling Singlet:


Womens Wrestling Singlet

Product Portrayal:

BRUTE brings you a true, women only powerlifting singlet that is personalized keeping in mind the female figure! Feel confident while you head out to the mat or gym with this fantastic singlet that does its job in providing you coverage while you work your magic. Necklines are designed to be higher with broader shoulder straps, in addition to slighter armhole openings to confirm fuller coverage. The quad openings have this 5-inch categorized inseam that is outlined on the insides for a locked fitting.

Product Particulars:

  • Material: Toughest fabric made from Lycra.
  • Colours Available: Red, Navy, Royal Blue and Black.

Sizes Available:

  • High-Performance fitting to be best suited for the Women of Action.
  • It comes with broader shoulder straps for better and a thorough coverage.
  • Fabric that transfers moisture off the skin better.
  • The sizing has been reviewed by users as quite smaller.
  • See through material for the lighter colours, you would surely need to wear something underneath.

8. ADIDAS Reversible Weightlifting  Singlet:

Weightlifting Reversible Singlet

Product Portrayal:

This is a new product from the ever so famous ADIDAS that falls under both the men’s Weightlifting Singlet category as well as the Weightlifting Singlet women’s category. This singlet is a multi-functional and a multi-faceted accessory that every athlete needs to own in his wardrobe. With a black bold line on the side, this singlet is bound to set you apart from the other solid collared, boring singlets your opponents might be wearing.

Product Particulars:

  • Material: High grade Lycra that is stretchy but reliable.
  • Available Colours: Red reversible with Royal Blue and Royal Blue reversible with Red.
  • Available Sizes: XS, Small, Youth Small, M, Youth Medium, Large, Youth Large, XL, XXL and XXXL.


US SizeWaist
(in inches)
Inseam Length
(in inches)


Numerical SizeUS SizeChest
(in inches)
(in inches)
(in inches)
30/32 | 32/34XS31-3327-2932-34
34/36 | 36/38S34-3730-3235-37
38/40 | 40/42M37-4032-3537-40
42/44 | 44/46L40-4435-3940-44
46/48 | 48/50XL44-4839-4344-48
50/52 | 52/542XL48-5243-4748-51
54/56 | 56/583XL53-5848-5351-56
  • This product has fast delivery timings.
  • No need to own 2 separate singlets when this single singlet can be of use.
  • The size chart available at the ADIDAS website (and given above) is pretty accurate in deciding which size to order for oneself.
  • There is too much difference in sizes. The variance between the small and medium is quite much than the usual.

9. ASICS Men’s Reversible Modified Weightlifting Costume:


Men’s Reversible singlet mens weightlifting singlet

Product Portrayal:

The ASICS Reversible Modified Singlet is quite parallel to the ASICS Solid Modified singlet mentioned earlier in this article, apart from the added advantage of having it to be available in 2 different colours on both sides and that both of the sides can be worn. It is a great choice for all the athletes looking for the best option in Weightlifting Singlet men’s category. This could be your affordable choice when competing in completions that require you to change your colours during a single season. So why buy two separate singlets when you could just buy one and rock the mat?

Product Particulars:

  • Fabric Material: 82% Nylon mixed with an 18% Spandex.
  • Sizes Available: Currently available in XXXS, XXS, XS and Small.
  • Available in Colours: it comes in Red reversible with Royal Blue and Royal Blue reversible with Red.
  • Style Cut: Standard.
  • The singlet has a seamless finish which is always a plus.
  • Since it is double-sided, you have a choice of wearing a different color to the mat.
  • The material is heavy (since its reversible) but comfortable to wear.
  • This is just a single but a major low point of this singlet – the sizing! The users have complained of the sized being too small even at the mentioned measurements in the size section.
 Playing a sport is what keeps you alive. It not just only keeps you active and healthy but it actually is very much related to your general feeling of goodness. While some of these sports might stimulate your mind, there are others that are much more demanding than others. Among all the challenging ones you shall find weightlifting and powerlifting being one of the toughest. These two, my friend, are certainly not the sports suited for the faint hearted. The strength, the endurance and not to mention the sheer commitment is what that makes it a game of passion!

Best Suited Powerlifting or Weightlifting Singlet for you:

It is just so not easy to put up a detailed and a comprehensive analysis of practically anything! You need to be a whole lot responsible for knowing that the readers are relying on your very opinion to base their decisions on. This vision is what drove us to turn every stone and select the ones that stood their ground while we tested them – hard!

After indulging in the treacherous work of reading online reviews and product descriptions we took the things a little forward. Yes, we have put to the test these products to better explain to your understanding to make your decision making just a bit easier. All of these singlets are readily available on and for your convenience; we have added the links to the store.

   Here is our comprehensive compilation of all the top rated products listed in the Weightlifting Singlet Men’s, Weightlifting Singlet Women’s and Weightlifting Singlets for the youth categories. Happy Shopping Everybody! 

Final words:

So, these are some weightlifting singlets for you to buy in 2018. Note that appropriate equipment and kit is necessary for maximum yield. Therefore, do not compromise on it.

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