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Baby Elephant Pillow [Best of 2019]

If you’re only just hearing about the popularity of elephant-shaped pillows and plush toys, it is certainly not too late to join the club. Elephant shaped pillows and plush toys have been all the rage in the market for the past year or so, and there seems to be no slowing them down. They’re so cute and fluffy, you’ll want to have one for yourself too. Who knows, maybe the next big trend will be plush toys for adults, and you won’t hear us complaining about it for sure.

But when it comes to the little ones, a few more logistics are involved to make sure that the products they’re using are right for their tiny selves. The pillows that little kids use need to be hypoallergenic as well as made from soft, non-toxic fabric and fillings. It’s also important to check if there are any bits and pieces that may be harmful to younger kids.

There are so many different animal-shaped baby pillows in the market; however, baby Elephant pillows are the cutest of them all. Elephant pillows provide the child with neck support and make the perfect cuddle companion for when they need to hold on to something during the night. As your child starts to grow older and develops the ability to sit up, the pillow can provide back support as well.

With all these prerequisites in mind, choosing the right pillow or plush toy may become somewhat of a chore for you. But what would you know? We’ve done our best (and most thorough) research to bring you a curated list of elephant pillows and plush toys that are not only safe but so fluffy your kid will never want to leave them behind.

4 Things to Look for In Your Baby’s Pillow

Before we delve into our choices for the best baby elephant plush toys and pillows, let’s take a look at some things that should be kept in mind. Children are sensitive to many things adults are all right with. Therefore, while buying pillows, keep the following tips in mind. Because a well-slept baby is a happy baby.

1. The Filling

The most important part of a pillow is filling. The pillow may look very cute and pretty, but if the “inside” is hard and uncomfortable, that ends up defeating the purpose. There are several different types of pillow fillings, and all of them in self vary according to price range. For your child, you are looking for a pillow that is soft, cool and doesn’t flatten. Hence, some potential pillow materials to look out for your young ones are as follows:

  • Latex – these pillows are known for high durability. Latex pillows are very effective for the long run and they seldom end up in clumps. The best part about these pillows is that they come in a variety of price range, starting from $30 and going up to $40. These pillows are very cool as well and if you live in a place where temperatures tend to get high, this pillow filling is for you.
  • Feather – soft, very comfortable and with a high chance of being organic. However, these pillows tend to go flat rather quickly and are not durable in the longer run. If durability is not your main concern then feather-filled pillows are an acceptable option for your child.
  • Fiber – these pillows come filled with either synthetic or organic fiber. When buying a fiber pillow, keep in mind the price as well as the type of fiber being used. Generally, higher-priced fiber pillows are more durable and do not tend to go flat, as compared to the lower-priced ones.

2. Cover Material
The next thing to look out for in a pillow is the covering. Your child needs a cover which is soft and non-irritating. Commonly, pillow covers are made of cotton, which can either be organic or synthetic. Synthetic cotton is made with an industrial process using harmful chemicals to treat the cotton fabric. This is something that you would probably keep your child away from. Hence, organic pillow covers, although a bit pricey, are the healthier option for your baby. After all, health is wealth.

3. The size
The size of pillow although often overlooked is extremely vital. Placing a small baby on a large overstuffed pillow is very uncomfortable for it and may even result in suffocation. A baby pillow is smaller than a standard-sized pillow. They should not be longer than 12 inches and should have a height of 2 inches.

4. Your Baby’s Allergies
A baby’s skin is very sensitive hence it is vital that the baby pillow material is hypo-allergenic. If your child is susceptible to dust allergies or suffers from asthma, then it is best if you look for pillows which are labeled as hypoallergenic.

1. Rainbow Fox Grey Stuffed Elephant Plush Pillow:

At a whopping (current) price of $29.99, this plush toy may not be the first choice for some people, but the toy makes up for its high price with its large, soft body which is perfect for toddlers and infants alike. What makes this pillow stand apart from other similar toys is the fact that its outer layer is cotton, and it’s filled with PP cotton, unlike many other elephant plush toys, which are cased in synthetic fibers and can trigger allergies and affect the gentle skin of babies. It is also one of the few elephant plush pillows that come in 6 different colors.

Most reviewers couldn’t get enough of this fluffy toy and many buyers bought it more than once. This pillow would also make a cute gift for a nursery or in a baby shower  

  • The pillow is a great substitute to the Tiny Trunky Plush Toy (which is currently out of stock on Amazon) as it is similar in size and shape.
  • Comes in six fun, different colors.
  • The covering is made of cotton.
  • Its big size makes it the perfect huggable and lovable plush toy or pillow for kids of all sizes.
  • The pillow has been tested and certified for lead content and inflammability which makes it safe for younger children.
  • THE BAD:
    • This pillow is a bit on the pricey side. At the price of $29.99, it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something on a budget.
    • Some customers have mentioned that the pillow smells a little bit chemical-y. But the reviews on this are inconsistent, and it may be that this was a one-off issue with packaging or shipping.

    •This plush elephant is not meant to be a toy, but a pillow, so it is not as evenly filled as some of the other toys.

    • Most reviewers loved the softness of the material and the big trunk.

    • This toy will not fluff up properly without being put in the dryer for at least around 10 minutes. Most 1-star reviews complain about the lack of fluff in the pillow, but one go in the dryer and your toy should be up to shape.

    • The seller has not mentioned any warranty and you will have to contact them personally, but it doesn’t seem like a cause of concern given all the great reviews.

    2.Ebba Lil BennyPhant – In Grey

    This Ebba Lil BennyPhant lives up to its name and is only 9 inches tall in a sitting position. While it cannot be shipped outside the U. S., which means most customers cannot buy this cutie, this will make a great choice for those of us who have access to it. It is the perfect plush toy for babies and toddlers. The material is super soft and comfy for the kids. The only cause of concern for parents should be the eyes, which are plastic, but harmless unless the baby gets one loose somehow. And the best thing about this toy isn’t even its price, (which is only $7 BTW!!) but the fact that it can be bought as a gift set.

    • This plushy toy only costs $7, and is super light on the pocket.
    • You can buy this together with a bedtime storybook, as a gift set. Perfect gift for your next baby shower.
    • The toy has super soft skin and has 5 stars on Amazon. It will definitely become your kid’s new best friend.
    THE BAD:
    • Unfortunately, this item does not ship outside the U.S.
    • The eyes on the toy may come off and become a choking hazard for younger kids, but this has not been an issue for any customers yet.


    • The elephant is also available in 2 more colors, baby pink, and baby blue, as well as larger sizes.

    3.BedtimeOriginals Twinkle Toes Pink Elephant Plush

    This Bedtime Originals Twinkle Toes Elephant plush is quickly going to be your kid’s favorite toy. The toy is called Hazel, and comes in a pretty pink color, with a companion elephant called Humphrey, which is gray in color. Hazel has gray ears and wears a cute blue bow above on its ear and is a hit with babies and mommies alike. Its size is perfect for everyone from infants to the child inside you

    •  The toy comes in a cutesy pink color with gray ears.
    • It’s super lightweight and stands at only 10 inches tall. Perfect for hugs and cuddles.
    • The toy is currently listed on Amazon for only $8.99, which is a total steal.
    • It comes with a companion toy, so your child’s friend can have its own friends.
    THE BAD:
    • Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the toy. Customers got replacements fairly quickly, everyone agrees that Hazel is very soft and cuddly and it is light on the pocket too.


    • This toy is not meant to be a pillow, since small pillows and toys can be a suffocating hazard for infants.

    4. Skip Hop Bandanna Buddies Teething Toy

    Calling this toy a plush pillow may be a stretch because this funky, textured toy is actually made for teething, but who says your kid can’t have it both ways? The fun patterns and textures on this toy will keep your child engaged while he also explores the different rattles and crinkles as he goes. This toy is geared younger infants for whom pillows are not suitable yet.

    • The multi-patterned and squeaky toy is great for cuddling AND teething.
    • The rattles and patterns will help your child learn and explore on their own.
    • The squeaky feel of the toy makes it perfect for hugs and a stroller/crib toy.
    THE BAD:
    • The toy cannot be washed easily, because of its various attachments, but you can spot clean and then throw it in a pillowcase to put in the washing machine.

    • This toy is not meant to be a pillow, since small pillows and toys can be a suffocating hazard for infants.

    DIY Hacks to clean your Elephant Stuffed Pillows


    That depends on your needs and the age of the child you are buying the pillow for, because each pillow is unique in its own way. Consider the pros and cons of each pillow to make the best decision for your kid.

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