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best wrestling singlets for men

Best Wrestling Singlets for Men’s and Women’s in 2018

10 Best Wrestling Singlets to BUY:

Lets come straight to the main purpose of this article. Here is a list of wrestling singlets to look out for in 2018. Please check the list of characteristics to understand which singlet you should buy. We suggest not to make the mistake of picking out your wrestling singlet at random. We have reviewed many different brand products and tried to establish which one is the best wrestling singlet to buy.

In our last post about singlets, we reviewed 10 best weightlifting singlets. You should have a read through that one as well.

1. Youth Wrestling Singlet – Matman Boys Double Knit Nylon:

Youth Wrestling Singlet
This youth wrestling singlet is made specifically for youth by Matman, a leading manufacturer of wrestling gear and this fine singlet shows why. This youth singlet is made of durable double knit nylon fabric which is very comfortable. It is available in different colors. The effort put into its design is evident and it will benefit any youth wrestler that wears it.

The nylon fabric is very durable and comfortable, and stretches as any youth wrestler moves about and you don’t have to worry about it tearing. Everything about its construction allows for a lot of freedom of movement, very important to find in youth singlets.

  • This wrestling singlet is height of fashion too with solid colors and some nice accent striping around the edges.
  •  You can purchase it in any color you like or one that will appeal to your child.
  • Although it is slightly expensive, it is one of the best wrestling singlets for youth.

2. ASICS Snap Down Men’s Wrestling Singlet:

Men’s Wrestling Singlet

This wrestling singlet boasts of its material that stretches nicely and comfortably. The stitching is hardly noticeable but their sizing chart differs a little from other manufacturers, so keep in mind to thoroughly check before buying this amazing singlet.

The name might mislead a little but rest assured there are actually no snaps found on this product. It is an excellent one piece wrestling singlet that flows seamlessly. Adidas has done itself proud by making better wrestling equipment year after year.

The material of these singlets as already mentioned is quite elastic so you can comfortably move around the mat. The fabric also contains antimicrobial properties so it resists building up smells in between washes. What more could we ask for? But it gets better. This wrestling singlet also has ribbed elastic bands at the leg openings that do not let it ride up your leg as you grapple about.

  • It is also a very stylish piece of wrestling equipment.
  • It can be found in many different color choices and it also features a nice accent striping design.
  • This wrestling singlet is definitely one of the better-looking wrestling singlets on our review list.

3. ASICS Solid Modified Womens Wrestling Singlet:

womens wrestling singlet

The fabric of this singlet is quite flexible. It is made out of almost 20% lycra spandex, combined with a large percentage of nylon which allows for a fair amount of stretching.It is quite comfortable with a hardly noticeable stitch.

Asics has made quite a name for themselves in the world of wrestling by creating fine wrestling products like this excellent wrestling singlet. The men’s singlet and women’s singlet, both allow for maximum freedom of movement that will greatly help any teen or adult wrestler to raise their game to a higher level.

The styling on these wrestling singlets is very basic and they are only available in solid colors but you have a choice between several different colors. Just remember to check the sizing chart properly and consider getting a size bigger than the chart says if you are at the upper end of the suggested weight limit.All in all it is a safe investment.

  • This singlet seems to have the ability to grow and stretch with you as you fill out your frame.
  • It is a very durable material that can handle the wear and tear of wrestling for a long time.
The only problem we find with this singlet is also the sizing chart, which seems to be different from the usual and has to be thoroughly checked before buying any product, as to evade tight fit in the legs or a smaller size.

4. Brute Maverick Cool Wrestling Single:

best wrestling singlet 2018

These wrestling singlets are widely favored simply because of the way Brute designed them. Anybody who purchases this singlet will not be dissatisfied with the fine product. They can be itchy if you wear them right out of packaging so wash them before wearing.

The large amount of spandex included in the make of the fabric allows for a good deal of stretching and makes it very comfortable. The seams are strong and go un-noticeable when you wear it.

These singlets are found in a variety of colors and are as stylish as any you will find on this review list. It makes a nice added touch for anyone that purchases this model wrestling singlet by Brute.

  • This singlet also stretches nicely.
  • It is comfortable and offers many different stylish choices.
Only issue is that the legs of this piece can run tight and lighter striping can be see through.

5. Brute Performance Cut Lycra Womens Wrestling Singlet:

best Women’s Wrestling Singlet

One of the top wrestling singlets on our list is a model from Brute that is designed for adult females.It focuses on a design that is comfortable as a singlet design for both female wrestlers and other athletes that need a singlet that accommodates the special contours of a woman better. It can run a little tight but you just need to make sure of the size chart before buying it.

The fabric used is almost 20% Lycra spandex so it can stretch nicely as you workout or weight lift or participate in a sport such as wrestling. Brute has designed this singlet with the special needs of women’s body in mind and it has a really nice design but you might want t go up one size if you are more full figured. This product is very durable due to the large amount of sturdy nylon fabric that goes into making it.

It is very basic in design but this singlet is all about the cut and the superb way the pattern is cut in it. This singlet also comes in a variety of colors for you to choose the choice that most appeals to you.

  • The fabric of this wrestling single is agile.
  • It is very comfortable without revealing a large amount of the chest area.

Its unfortunately not unisex.

  Remember to wash it before use too! 

6. ASICS Solid Modified Men’s Singlet for Wrestling Weightlifting and Powerlifting:

best mens wrestling singlet

This product has a very unique design as far as wrestling singlets are concerned.  It is not made for smaller frames, and also needs a wash before use.It is probably the most comfortable fit and it is most comfortable out of all the singlets found on this list.

Asics has once again taken the game higher with this nice little wrestling singlet.  Even though it has the same amount of 86% nylon, 14% Lycra thread mix in the fabric as various other wrestling singlets do, it somehow feels more light weight and has a softer material.

The stitching of this men’s singlet is hardly noticeable once you wear it. The legs bands of the product might shift a little but the right size can fix that problem.The design of this singlet is absolutely basic but there area variety of vibrant colors to choose from. Bigger framed people should definitely consider buying this wrestling singlet.

  • The singlet stretches nicely, is very comfortable and ultra-lightweight.
  • The fit of this product is designed for Big bodied wrestlers and weightlifters.

7. Adidas Singlet with 3 Side Stripes:

Wrestling Singlets

Another Adidas product that confirms that they have long been makers of fine wrestling gear. This product is also very pliable and they offer a huge color selection. These singlets will allow fair amount of ease, to any wrestler, to move about on the mat without restriction. As always, the product is high quality and you can see the effort and time Adidas put into making a good product.

The cut is a special high cut design that some wrestlers prefer because it protects more than others against mat burns. It features an excellent stitching that is non-abrasive and flat. The singlet is quite stretchy. The bands around the legs do not allow for any shifting and keep it firmly in place when moving around.

This wrestling singlet is very stylish too because of the glossy fabric that it is made of and the trademark triple accent striping on the sides that Adidas is famous for. It is available in such a large variety of colors that anyone would have a hard time not linking at least one of them.

8. USA Wrestling Singlet by 4-Time All American:

USA wrestling singlet

As the name suggests, the design of these wrestling singlets was done by four time NCAA wrestling champion Dustin center. So there is probably no better product but this one that is made from experience and moreover field play.

The unique thing about this company is that they allow for exchanges of this product, and they are happy to make as many exchanges as possible to get you or your youth wrestler into a proper fitting wrestling singlet.

The seams on this singlet are done flat style so as not to cause you any discomfort as you wear it. It is a high cut wrestling singlet that comes in a basic design, with very few colors available to choose form. Although the colors of the products seem to vary from the shades given.

  • These singlets are made out of a highly durable material that stretches nicely too.
  • This product also boasts of moisture wicking to help keep you dry as you workout or wrestle.


9. Brute Wrestling Singlet Lycra High Cut Men’s :


Men’s Wrestling Singlet 2018

This product has basic styling, fair amount of flexibility but some wrestlers might not like the high cut of the singlet.

Brute has done wonders to yet again add another singlet to this list. The design is light weight that stays well in place as the wearer moves around in it. This singlet is also very durable because of its accurate combination Lycra and nylon material.

This singlet also differs from others because of its high cut design that covers more of the upper body to shield the wearer against such things as mat burns. It also extends a little lower on the thigh area than most wrestling singlets do, marking a difference in its design.

This product has a unique design that features only the basic one color style, however, it is available in several different pleasing colors.

10. Matman Wrestling Singlet:

matman wrestling singlet

This final wrestling singlet is also a quality product by Matman. This singlet is very stylish, very comfortable and also supports moisture wicking.

Matman Wrestling 83 Singlet is indeed another fine wrestling product despite its lack of spandex.

It is a product that is made out of very durable 100% double knit nylon. This material can even handle being machine washed on a regular basis, so that is one thing less to worry about. It will also not wear away with washing.

It is a stylish wrestling singlet, available in a variety of colors and also features some nice accent striping. This wrestling singlet will not disappoint, it is made for tough conditions and recommended as men’s singlet.

  • The material of this singlet helps to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • It does not hinder or restrict the performance .
The only problem is that it has no spandex in its material and this makes it unsuitable as a women’s singlet. Also the cut might not be suitable for women.

Traditionally, all sorts of athletic wear are designed to aid the athlete in the sport and enhancing their performance. Now, this athletic wear not only enhances performance, but can also help in other ways by minimizing harmful exposure to sun, helping the athlete keep cool, and even minimize damage to the body. Wrestling and weightlifting are two of the sports that definitely require such a costume.It’s not just the athletic ability that makes a player; it’s also the athletic gear that the player chooses.

We are long past the days in which everyone wore a standard uniform for a specific sport; the power of fashion, innovation, and style has penetrated the walls of sports and made all sorts of sportswear far more performance enhancing and even more visually appealing. Despite the sportswear being physically appealing, technology and human innovation has insured that athletic wear manufacturers and designs create the perfect blend of comfort, practicality, affordability, efficiency, and style.

What is a Wrestling Singlet?

A wrestling singlet is a sleeveless  once piece uniform used by wrestlers. A good singlet is the one which allows the wrestlers to execute all their moves, holds and apply their techniques without a problem. A good singlet must also be comfortable (fit and made of smooth fabric and has no rough edges.

They’re from-fitting and made of spandex, Lycra, or nylon, which clings to the body without being uncomfortable. Singlets are mandatory at Olympics and world championship levels for wrestling and weightlifting; the low cut singlet is not allowed at these levels.

Some wrestling singlets are very versatile in their uses. Many people use them for different things that have no connection to wrestling. Weightlifters tend to prefer wrestling singlets over other types of athletic clothing while training because of their unique properties.

They are also used by people to work out in, to ride bikes and even swim since wrestling singlets are made of similar material as that of swimming suits.

You have to keep in mind the consequences of material defects, seam separations and workmanship errors. The only way to protect yourself from such bad experiences is with a good singlet and a good warranty on your singlet.

If you like to use your wrestling singlet for more than one purpose, then you have to choose carefully and wisely. It is important to know what type of singlet you are buying specially if it is a higher priced wrestling singlet.

The Guide to buying Wrestling Singlets:

At the end here is some guide that may be useful for some. As already discussed the wrestling singlet is a vital piece of equipment so you cannot make do with any singlet you come across. Wrestling singlets go through a lot of wear and tear, on the mat and in the wash cycle. Due to this you have to look out for your singlet and find one that is highly durable.

The fit of a singlet is probably the most important property to worry about. A singlet should be snug. It should not be tight and it should not restrict any movements. It should not become loose after a few washes so that it moves all over your body and shifts while you are wrestling. Most manufacturers have their own size charts which include such parameters as weight and height. The right weightlifting singlet should be resilient and flexible.
The amount of spandex will decide the amount of comfort of any singlet. The percentage of Spandex in a material is what you should be looking out for, as most wrestling singlets owe their stretching properties to the material.

So check the composition percentages of material, and try to choose the singlet with a high amount of spandex.

Seams might be the last thing on your mind when buying a singlet. A one piece will always have seams so yes, they make a difference to the quality of the product. They are a substantial deciding factor specially if you are buying a kid’s singlet.

It is important to check how smooth a seam is because If a seam is not done right it will be abrasive and uncomfortable.

The placement of wear of the seams on any wrestling singlet are also significant. Purchase depending on what you plan to wear under the singlet, specially for a women’s singlet.

Many times the design and style affect the price of wrestling singlets. Singlets with fancier designs usually cost a little more, but mostly singlets are found in the traditional solid color design. Different companies produce singlets in varying designs and color combinations.

Keep in mind the deciding factors that have been laid out for your use, and remember to compare. Always try to buy according to your own special needs instead of opting for a generally good item. A good singlet will help you achieve your full potential; It might be the only thing you’re lacking!

Wrestling Singlets – Cuts:

The most evident difference among singlets is the difference in “cuts”. There being three traditional cuts; the high cut, the FILA cut, and the low cut.

High Cut:FILA-CutLow Cut:
The high-cut covers most of the chest and reaches up to the under-arms on the side, usually used by women for more chest coverage.
The FILA-cut is the same as high cut but does not rise up as high beneath the arms.
The low-cut singlet is a revealing singlet, that allows greater range of mobility, keeps its wearer cooler, tends to be more comfortable when not on the mat (wrestlers tend to wear their singlets under their clothes nearly all day in some circumstances). The low-cut reaches down to the middle abdomen in the front, reaches down to the hips on the sides, and features a single, very thin strap that runs up the back.

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